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Past Events and talks

Event: Five year Business strategy workshop

A three day strategy design workshop for a large Government client held at a coastal location to support fresh and free thinking.

Event: Monthly All hands Event

A one day event held monthly for one year with 250 people to support a major transformation Programme I was the design lead for.

Event: One year Business strategy workshop

A one day strategy design workshop for a large Government client held on an organic farm to support fresh and free thinking.

Talk: Sexual Attraction at work - can we talk about it?

An interactive talk at the Relational Change Gathering exploring the theory of sexual attraction at work and ways to talk about it.

Talk: Are smart meters secure?

A talk at the High Assurance UK group on the security design in smart meters.

Talk: Are assumptions more dangerous than reality?

An interactive talk at Royal Holloway University to explore how we can have conversations where withheld judgement and name our assumptions.