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Flying on the invisible.

As I watched this glider play above Uley Bury I thought of the air thermals it was searching for to give it lift and the ability to fly. The air thermals are invisible to us, they can only be felt!

After watching a little longer I started to wonder where I found a thermal to fly on and realised it came from both nature and people. When I hear a bird sing, or smell lavender or watch a sunset it feels like they offer a thermal to lift my spirits.

When I meet people who make me laugh, or help my thinking, offer support or just quiet friendship I also feel the thermal of community and it helps me through the day.

Through my work I offer to be a thermal for other people, either through my coaching, supervision or guide in nature where nature can be the most amazing coach.

Which people, or place or nature connection offer you a thermal to help you rise each day?

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