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Coaching from the heart by working with the wisdom of nature and from the head using a careers worth of experience and knowledge

Where you are shapes what you think and how you feel - place matters.

I have learnt so many things during my working life and the one that strikes me time and time again is the profound impact a place has on our thinking and behaviour. From working in rooms with no windows to working in offices behind razor wire to working in a Green Room on an organic farm the difference is stark. A place affects us physically and mentally. A place can make us feel contained or free, despondent or hopeful, rule bound or creative. A place impacts who we talk to and what we talk about. A place impacts what we show of ourself. A place changes our horizons and can make us forget how our decisions impact others and the Earth.  And so as a response to my own observations of workplaces and the growing catastrophic impacts of climate change I have developed a practice called Placefulness®. Placefulness is about changing the place where we think, it is choosing a place, closer to nature, to broaden and deepen our thinking and helps us consider our choices in the wider context of our families, neighbourhood, wildlife and the Earth. Placefulness bridges the gap between our ego thinking and our eco thinking.


I offer coaching, business consultancy and supervision using a Placefulness approach. We could be walking amongst the trees, sitting watching wildlife, walking a local footpath or being in your favourite natural place. Together we can experiment with the best places for you and I will be there to encourage and support you as your ideas ebb and flow and begin to take shape. Once you have a shaped idea we can explore and experiment with what comes next.

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I am a passionate and caring nature based coach, consultant, mentor, trainer and supervisor.

I have been coaching people and designing and delivering change programmes for organisations of all shapes and sizes for over 25 years. I have felt what it is like to be in a toxic workplace and the devastating impact it can have on your health.

I now focus on working with people outside of the office walls in places they feel most comfortable and free to think creatively. I have developed a practice called Placefulness based on my experience and research of how and where we thrive.

My mantra is 

   Start where you are

   Find the space to pause

   Stay curious

   Seek out difference

   Find small moments of joy

   Take your thoughts outside


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"Step outside and follow the ebb and flow of your thoughts to find the answers you are looking for"

Maggie Marriott



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07765 144688

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